The Ancient Chronicles of Jol Ta Rog: The Rising

Followers of Vecna and The Elf

The first adventure for this party

Party: Vecna Party
Players: Axel, Kasper, Reno en Stein
Date: Day 18 of the 4th Lunar cycle in the year 2131 AF
Region: Ashenvale
City: Elwynn

This story starts with 3 young men in a Temple of Vecna, Johnatan a Cleric of Vecna, Simon Silk Tongue a Sorcerer of Vecna and Luc de Cémitàire a Necromancer of Vecna. On their day off they decided to get some drinks and relax at the Red Rooster Inn.

At the same time in the forest just outside of Elwynn a small tribe of Elves where in their camp, a young Elf named Sathaniel Mephistopheös decided to get new supplies in Elwynn city. As he walked around he decided to get a drink in the Red Rooster Inn. As he sat on his own at a table in the corner he watched how the 3 young Vecna followers came to get a drink.

Just when they wanted to drink a Halfling Woman was asking around for help, her family who where coming to Elwynn for trading where ambushed on the road and kidnapped. No one wanted to help but just as soon as the 4 young men heard that money was involved, 200gp up front and 200gp after. They Decided to work together and get that family and some money and belonging they found on their way.

As the 3 Vecna followers smartly decided that the woods wasn’t their speciallity they asked the Elf to join them. As they discussed his payment he got mad and walked into the woods with a map they got from the Halfling woman. As Johnatan did not agree with this he threw a dagger in Sathaniel Mephistopheös his back, he ran into the forest.

Sathaniel Mephistopheös went back to his camp where his tribe healed him and told him to go ahead to scout for them. If it was anything worth they would go there and thake the treasure. He was faster as the Vecna followers and he ran towards the spot where the Family was ambushed and kidnapped, he found nothing but trails but he decided to wait for the 3 Vecna followers to ambush Johnatan to get even with him after he threw a dagger in his back.

Some time later the Vecna group arrived at the same spot, Sathaniel Mephistopheös tried to shoot Johnatan with his Longbow but missed. As the Vecna followers where ready to attack him they heard a sniffing sound. After a few moments they saw 2 Gnolls and their pet Hyena coming about. Sathaniel Mephistopheös his speed killed one of the Gnolls, he shot a arrow in the right eye of the Gnoll, it died with a sigh and fell down to the ground. The Vecna guys where smart and tried to hide behind the trees. The Gnoll and his pet attacked Johnatan. They almost killed him but Simon Silk Tongue his fast reaction was brilliant and with a Color Spray he made sure that the Hyena and Gnoll went down. They killed them and he let Johnatan drink a Healing potion to save him.

As they looted the bodies they found a map that lead towards the opening of a cave, Johnatan and Sathaniel Mephistopheös decided to put aside their differences and to start working together. Sathaniel Mephistopheös knew this cave and took the rest towards it. As they stood at the cave opening they heard some talking, it sounded like Draconic. They found the 2 caravans which the family used to move around on top of the cave opening. They wanted to use the wood to light up a fire and than smoke out the Kobolds but soon they realized that it wouldn’t work so they decided to enter.

As they entered the Cave Simon Silk Tongue casted Dancing Lights creating 4 torches as it where. They walked inside with Sathaniel Mephistopheös up front so he could see better without a shining light in his face. A few Kobolds surprised them but they took them out very fast. As they walked on they had to make a choice the cave split into two ways but Sathaniel Mephistopheös remembered that the cave would eventually come together again. The group split up Johnatan and Simon Silk Tongue went to the left and Sathaniel Mephistopheös and Luc de Cémitàire went to the right.

They killed off the Kobolds rather fast and they learned that after the cave came together again at the end of the corridor there was a door. That door was not made by Kobolds this was obvious. There was no way to open it but after studying they realized magic was the way to open it by trying to reconstruct the spell that was used the 3 casters could open it up together. As the looked inside they saw 2 humans in Robes standing there, a chest. The two men started shooting Magic Arrows towards them but they attacked them. Sathaniel Mephistopheös took both of them out with a sadistic look in his eyes. With swift and precise movements he killed them off. There where also 2 kobols hiding but they didn’t oppose any trouble for these anti-heroes. They found some loot in the chest. They found a letter saying: Prepare everything around Elwynn we will be there soon.

After looking around they found the bodies of the family but noticed that they where human and not Halfling. They knew they where set up. They headed back to the Red Rooster Innand took some beers. As they started to divide the gold they found Johnatan realized that the 200gp they got from the Halfling was fake and decided to find her so they could get their 400gp. As they where talking about how to find her a Elf in black clothes and a hood walked to them asking them if they needed “work” to get money. They thought it would be a good idea, after mentioning the Halfling the Elf knew who she was and possibly where she was.

The new elf guided them towards the less fortunate parts of Elwynn and in a dark alley he showed them a inn. There was the Halfling woman gambling but Johnatan sees how she is cheating and exposes her, the men she was gamling with take her money and walk out. As the party and the elf try to talk with her the rest of the inn (excluding the bartender) start a fight with them, as the Halfling tries to escape the mysterious elf cuts her up in half and she dies. They get their money, the bartender tells them to clean up the bar they do this and after this they head back to the inn to talk with the Mysterious elf.

End of this Session, more will follow in the next Session



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