Za'hal Tur

Za hal tur
The region of Za’hal Tur is a dry desert reaching almost 1/5th of the world. The largest city somewhere deep in the desert of Za’hal Tur is Jag’hal Tamor

In the middle of Za’hal Tur is a big oasis with ceveral cities on it the most important is the city called Fertile Sands

One of the main Habitants of Za’hal Tur are the Jawal Nomads. A group of nomads who travel over this entire region trying to survive.

There are also have been rumours about Sand Pirates, people who ravage the desert lands. They ambush caravans or travellers, trying to stel all the valueables.

The main travel means in Za’hal Tur are Sand Ships. A ship that makes use of the winds to travel, and there is always wind in Za’hal Tur.

Za'hal Tur

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