Time in Jol Ta Rog

Here I will explain how a year in Jol Ta Rog looks like.

At the moment the world is in the Age After Fato. So if we speak of years it looks like this: It is the year 2131 AF, meaning 2131 After Fato.

They do not talk about months but Lunar Cycles. There is only one moon circulating Jol Ta Rog.

There are 13 Lunar Cycles with each 35 Days in it. On the first day of the first Cycle it is called 1st Day of the 1st Luncar Cycle and so on and so on.

Because Jol Ta Rog is a bit further from their sun as Earth is the days are also longer they are 30 hours.

A Example of a date: 24th of the 11th Lunar Cycle in 2131 AF

Calendar and Important Dates

Time in Jol Ta Rog

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